Affiliated Hospitals
The First Affiliated Hospital
The First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the largest general TCM hospital in Henan Province£¬ providing medical treatment£¬ teaching£¬ research£¬ disease prevention and convalescence services. It is the National Base for Clinical Study of Pharmaceutics£¬ National Base for Chinese Pharmaceuticals and Dosage Form Reformation£¬ and one of the model TCM Hospitals of China. The hospital has a group of over 300 Chinese or Western Medicine specialists£¬ including chief physicians£¬ Doctors and Masters of Medicine. They enjoy great prestige both at home and abroad for the unique therapeutic effect in treating some common£¬ frequentlyoccurring diseases£¬ difficult and miscellaneous diseases. The hospital possesses advanced equipment£¬ such as CT scanner£¬ multi-function digital subtraction angiography£¬ ultrasonic Doppler system£¬ providing accurate and quick test data for clinical treatment. It has set up 22 special departments inclusive of the department of internal medicine£¬ surgery£¬ gynecology£¬ pediatrics£¬ anal and intestinal diseases£¬ peripheral vessels£¬ bone injury£¬ dermatology£¬ acupuncturemoxibustion£¬ massage£¬ stomatology£¬ otorhinolaryngology£¬ and physiotherapy£¬ with 42 special consulting rooms£¬ 20 sections and advanced ICU and CCU wards. The bright and spacious multifunction outpatient hall and the 23-floor modern ward building that is nearing completion and has a constructed area of 38£¬865m2 and 800 beds will make the patients more comfortable and provide quicker and better services.
Affiliated Hospitals
The Second Affiliated Hospital
It is also named Henan Provincial TCM Hospital£¬ a modem general hospital providing medical treatment£¬ teaching£¬ research£¬ and health care services. It has a constructed area of over 50£¬000m2£¬ 13 wards£¬ 500 beds£¬ 138 chief physicians£¬ professors and associate professors. It is equipped with spiral CT£¬ color ultrasonic system£¬ digital subtraction angiography£¬ renal dialyser£¬ automated biochemical analyzer and other test apparatus. The outpatient department comprises over 40 sections£¬ including the department of internal medicine£¬ surgery£¬ gynecology£¬ pediatrics£¬ bone injury and acupuncture-moxibustion£¬ and a "life path"£¬ conducting consulting£¬ diagnostic£¬ test and emergency services. It has been approved to be the emergency treatment station for Zhengzhou city. While giving a full play to Chinese Medicine and strengthening internal construction£¬ this hospital has focused its attention on the construction of special departments£¬ among which intervenient therapy for heart disease£¬ and the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson¡®s disease£¬ hepatic disease£¬ mastosis£¬ and tumor have exerted influence in the province and China. The department of Parkinson¡®s disease and that of tumor have been listed among the national key special departments£¬ the department of mastosis made the center for the prevention and treatment of such disease with Chinese Medicine£¬ the department of cerebral-vascular disease and that of hepatic disease appointed by the Henan Administrative Bureau of Chinese Medicine the treatment center£¬ the department of cardiovascular disease made member of the provincial coordinating group of such disease. Besides£¬ it has won a number of other honors.
Affiliated Hospitals
The Third Affiliated Hospital
It is a modern TCM hospital providing medical treatment£¬ teaching£¬ research£¬ disease prevention and health care services£¬ with 15 departments£¬ over 20 special consulting rooms£¬ and wards of cardio-cerebral vascular diseases£¬ digestive tract diseases£¬ tumor£¬ acupuncture£¬ and tuina. Distinguished physicians gather together in this hospital. l36 nationally renowned physicians such as L1 Zhenhua£¬ ZHAO Qingli£¬ SHAO Jingming£¬ ZHANG Lei£¬ PANG Qingzhi and GAO Tisan£¬ and a number of middle-aged or young specialists all have a good command of Chinese Medicine theories and consummate skills. They give accurate differentiation and treatment to patients.
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